Drought Data




A dataset corrected, for ‘time’ bias of temperature, precipitation, Palmer indices (drought, hydrological, modified drought, and Z. Data is monthly. The bias is that measurements are not taken at the same time at all stations. This can introduce a bias into the data. This data has been corrected for that bias. Each climate division's monthly average was adjusted by weighting the bias at any given hour by the fraction of stations within the climate division observing at that hour, and subtracting the result for the reported monthly mean temperature.

Spatial Coverage:

United States

Temporal Coverage:

1895-latest month available

Scientific Reference:

  • NCDC, 1994, Time Bias Corrected Divisional Temperature-Precipitation-Drought Index. Documentation for dataset TD-9640. Available from DBMB, NCDC, NOAA, Federal Building, 37 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, NC 28801-2733. 12pp.
  • Karl, Thomas R., Williams, Claude N., Young, Pamela J., and Wendland, Wayne M. January 1986: A Model to Estimate the Time of Observation Bias Associated With Monthly Mean Maximum, Minimum and Mean Temperatures for the United States, Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology.
  • Heddinghause, Thomas R., and Sabol, Paul. 1991: A Review of the Palmer Drought Severity Index and Where Do We Go From Here, Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Applied Climatology, pp. 242-246.


  • Precipitation
  • Temperature
  • Palmer Drought Index
  • Palmer Hydrological Drought Index
  • Palmer Modified Drought Index
  • Z-Palmer Index (Anomalies)
  • Data is in format of monthly averages, text format



This data is from the NCDC