CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation

Precipitation Data, which is an average of the estimates from 5 different satellite sources: (GPI, OPI, SSM/I scattering, SSM/I emission and MSU). The raw data has missing values, however there is an enhanced version, blended with the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Precipitation values that supplement the missing values.

Spatial Coverage:

88.75N to 88.75S and 0E to 357.5 E based on a 2.5° by 2.5° grid

Temporal Coverage:

January 1 1979 through December 2001 for precipitation

Scientific Research/References:

  • Xie and Arkin, 1996: Analyses of Global Monthly Precipitation Using Gauge Observations, Satellite Estimates, and Numerical Model Predictions. J. Climate, 9, 840-858.
  • Xie and Arkin, 1997: Global Precipitation: A 17-Year Monthly Analysis Based on Gauge Observations, Satellite Estimates and Numerical Model Outputs. BAMS, 78, (in press)


Standard (Raw averages)

Enhanced (blended)

Original source:

Dr. Pingping Xie National Centers for Environmental Prediction, #800A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Washington, DC 20233 Tel: (301) 763-8167 Fax: (301) 763-8125 E-mail:

This data is also available from the CPC website.